Most countries of Europe are quite well known, but the further East you travel, the less familiar things become and yet many inventions that changed or influenced the world and our daily lives originate from our region of Central Eastern & Southeastern Europe.

Our region has been home to many creative minds and influential figures, who have contributed a great deal to various fields and inspired many in their own creations and designs.

For example, did you know that :

  • the ballpoint pen and the Rubik’s cube were invented by a Hungarian?

  • the sugar cube, soft contact lenses and Semtex (explosives) by Czechoslovaks?

  • cotton buds and the Commodore 64 computer by Polish inventors?

  • the parachute, alternating current (AC) electricity supply and neck tie by Croats?

At MICE IN THE CITY we are excited to share our local knowledge with you and conspire to create the most inspiring events with you.

Together we “conspire to inspire”


Enthusiastic with each new project and thanks to our extensive network of very exclusive and atypical venues, we take pride in putting together a unique list of options to suit your group characteristics, meeting purpose, and desired outcome. With years of global contracting experience and an extraordinary database of previously vetted suppliers, our team negotiates the best possible hotel, transportation, and overall supplier pricing for your event.


We work closely with your team through all stages of planning, from inception, theme development, venue sourcing to selection of activities and the running of operations. We understand your needs and take the budget pressure off your hands, ensuring adherence to your company’s procedures and compliance directives, to deliver strategically-sound concepts.

Whether your audience is composed of a doctors’ delegation, hundreds of sales managers or thousands of gamers, we orchestrate your events to the finest details, connecting brands and people.


Events must be memorable to make an impact.

Of course the desired impact depends on your goals, but mostly we want events to be more than just a staged advertisement for a  brand.

Events have the power to create a lasting and powerful impression of all that your company can deliver.

By allowing people to experience and interact with your company, product or service while participating in an event, you are connecting with your attendees, providing each of them with an experience that will resonate in their minds.


    With budget, travel distance and group size in mind, our event specialists plan for your group’s transportation needs from limos to buses, cruises to ferry travel, from unique vintage cars to historical trams. 

    Our multilingual meet-and-greet coordinators oversee the success of your transportation logistics ensuring punctuality and offering the very best customer service.


Whether you’re hosting a meeting, convention or any other type of special event, we provide consulting services related to event planning, crowd management, threat assessments, and crisis response. We facilitate the smooth operation of your event by taking care of the distractions that you don’t need. 

We provide comprehensive security programs for grand openings, celebrity appearances, art gallery openings, fund raising,  gala dinners and many other types of events.

MICE IN THE CITY is capable of providing you with professionally and expertly managed special event security services in a proactive manner that addresses today’s ever-changing  security challenges.